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Employee Health Spotlight: Kevin Hagamin

By Jordi Wallen
GlobalFit interviewed employees of all ages and identities to learn about how they live our mission of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the office. Here’s what they had to say.



GF: Thanks for volunteering your time today. Can you please introduce yourself and your role at GlobalFit?

K: Kevin Hagamin, Gym Partner Development Specialist.

GF: Hi Kevin! What does a “healthy lifestyle” mean to you?

K: Taking back control of my life!

GF: When did you begin focusing on a healthy lifestyle and why?

K: Dec 26. I lost control of my overall health and wellness and my 1-year-old granddaughter gave me a newfound urgency.

GF: How do you stay physically active?

K: I use our GFA Platform to work out with Limitless Fitness 3 days a week at 5 am. We do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)  and on my off days I hit the treadmill for 45 minutes.

GF: How do you practice mindfulness or mental “fitness?”

K: I take time away from social media and focus on the things that matter most- family and quality time with them.

GF: Does your wellness routine include a certain way of eating? If so, can you describe it?

K: Absolutely. I am on a low carb (not diet) but lifestyle change. I see my Charge dietitian who keeps me on point. She is the best, Becca!

GF: How do you make time for your wellness routine amidst work, family, and other responsibilities?

K: I had to prioritize and void myself of excuses which is why I go at 5 am. It was hard but now I look forward to it and it sets my day up for success.

GF: In regards to your wellness routine, what have you tried before that didn't work for you, and why not?

K: Many things, but I was not mentally involved before. I just was going through the motions.

GF: What does it take for you to be consistent in your wellness routine?

K: Push myself to remember that I am my biggest investment.

GF: What are your top tips for someone looking to live a more healthy lifestyle?

K: The beginning will be hard. You will have every excuse to quit but your health is vital and your body will reward you for it.

GF: Anything else you want to mention?


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