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Leadership Health Spotlight: Erin Markowski

By Jordi Wallen
GlobalFit interviewed employees of all ages and identities to learn about how they live our mission of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the office. Here’s what they had to say.



GF: Thanks for volunteering your time today. Can you please introduce yourself and your role at GlobalFit?

E: Erin Markowski, COO at GlobalFit

GF: Hi Erin! What does a “healthy lifestyle” mean to you?

E: It means balance in all areas of your life. When I get enough sleep, eat healthy, take time to relax, spend time with the people I love and workout, I feel my best.

GF: When did you begin focusing on a healthy lifestyle and why?

E: I have always been "healthy." I grew up as a competitive Irish Dancer so it was important to eat healthy, drink a ton of water and stay in shape to be able to compete and win. I am also a certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer in my past life so I felt in order to give advice, I had to follow it myself. To say I have an obsession with being healthy is an understatement ;)

GF: How do you stay physically active?

E: Over the past few years I have added a lot of variety to my workouts. I like to take yoga, spin and sculpt classes as well as run for both the physical and mental benefits.

GF: How do you practice mindfulness or mental “fitness?”

E: I would say this is where I struggle the most. I have a hard time turning my brain off, even in yoga or on a long run. About a year ago I quit social media which has helped me relax when I get home at the end of a long day.

GF: Does your wellness routine include a certain way of eating? If so, can you describe it?

E: My diet is pretty balanced. I eat 3 meals and two snacks almost every day and sneak in a little dark chocolate or hot chocolate at night.

GF: How do you make time for your wellness routine amidst work, family, and other responsibilities?

E: My schedule is very busy but I always make working out a priority, it's what keeps me feeling good. My diet sometimes suffers when I get too busy at work, meaning forgetting to eat lunch or not drinking enough water. When I started working with my CHARGE dietitian, she told me to set up calendar reminders for lunch and drinking water, it has really helped!

GF: In regards to your wellness routine, what have you tried before that didn't work for you, and why not?

E: I have a hard time working out in the evening. If I don't get my workout done in the morning, it's not happening.

GF: What does it take for you to be consistent in your wellness routine?

E: Balance. When one area of my life starts slipping, I feel off and it starts moving into other areas so I have to remind myself to take a breath and get back on track. Sometimes easier said than done.

GF: What are your top tips for someone looking to live a more healthy lifestyle?

E: Schedule time to workout on your calendar, Workout with a friend, it always makes it more fun and if you love to cook, try new healthy recipes a couple times a week.

GF: Anything else you want to mention?

E: The most important thing I have realized over the last couple of years is that mindfulness is a key component to feeling my best. I can workout and eat healthy consistently but if I allow myself to become run down or get stressed out, I still don't feel great. I have been trying to slow down and take time for myself.

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