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Where We're Going: What's in Store for Wellness in 2020

By Jordi Wallen
The ‘70s had Sauna Suits and Dexatrim. The ‘80s focused on Buns of Steel and Jane Fonda. In the ‘90s we saw Richard Simmons and Atkins. In ‘00 we had Zumba, the South Beach Diet, and the Thighmaster. Waist trainers and the Shake Weight took over the 2010s. Here are some predictions for what we will see in wellness in the upcoming decade.


  • Data-driven- Through the use of automation and A.I., studios and health clubs will be revolutionizing the digital experience of fitness. Since we are trending toward personalizing everything, we’ll be seeing the use of artificial intelligence to collect the data needed for extreme custom care.
  • All-In-One- Convenience is everything as our lives continue to get busier. More and more we are seeing wellness “communities” that tie together work, home, socialization, and fitness (see WeWork, LifeTime, The Assembly, Gravity Haus, THE WELL). Not only that, but more retailers are carving out dedicated space for fitness in their stores! Look to J.C. Penney, Free People, Kohl's, and lululemon for examples.
  • Boutiques- The traditional box gym isn’t dead, but boutique fitness studios are growing at an exponential rate. Niche workouts with high-end amenities are gaining popularity, like Piloxing or HIIT on mini-trampolines (“reformers”), boasting locker rooms stocked with designer aftershave, dry shampoo, luxe moisturizers, and more.
  • Hyper-knowledge- With the influx of technology comes the over-educated consumer. They know the facts, and they know what they want, how they want it, and what the competition offers. Companies will need to step up their game to meet the demands of this person.
  • Mindful eating- A focus on sustainability, organics, and upcycling contribute to this blossoming trend. The when, what, and how of eating becomes increasingly important as we have more information on the effects it has on our bodies and the planet. You will continue to see companies pushing “intentional decision-making” when it comes to food.
  • Stress management- With more technology to keep us plugged into work 24/7, stress has been silently killing Americans. That's why we’re moving into a time of focusing on whole person well-being (versus purely physical fitness). This includes nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress management, and emotional wellness. Recovery, stretching, and holistic health studios are popping up like weeds. We’ll be seeing new and innovative ways to manage our daily stress, like digital detoxes and mindfulness retreats.
  • Men’s mental health- The #3 reason why men don't seek help for mental health is the stigma, making them 3.5x more likely to die by suicide than women.1 With suicide rates rising every year and mental health becoming an increasing priority, there will be a huge push to break down the barriers for men of seeking help by supplying better benefits for behavioral healthcare.
  • Cannabidiol- CBD has arrived and it’s here to stay. We’re seeing the hemp derivative in everything from moisturizers to iced coffee to sublingual pain management oils. CBD has no psychotropic effects and won’t get you high, but delivers the relaxing effects of its cousin, THC (the psychoactive chemical in marijuana). CBD is becoming an integral part of wellness routines, by being effective for managing everything from anxiety to joint pain, migraines, asthma, and much more.





1 https://blog.capterra.com/25-startling-mens-health-stats-for-mens-health-month



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