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Do you know your respiratory fitness?

By Jordi Wallen

Let us take your breath away.

Occupation-related lung disease costs roughly $150 billion per year. Long-term exposure to irritants can lead to COPD and asthmatic flare-ups1. Do you have the support you need to get your lungs in shape? Health and Wellness is about more than physical fitness- it’s about total well-being!

Do you know your respiratory fitness?

Having healthy lungs isn’t just about smoking habits- it’s about getting the appropriate exercise to keep the lungs functioning properly. When you exercise, your breathing rate increases to compensate for the additional oxygen needed for the body to perform1. All it takes is a brisk walk to exercise the lungs! Encourage your employees to go for a walk during their lunch break. For your more physically fit population, a bike ride, jog, or run will be more their speed. Higher-intensity movement can even improve lung capacity!

How do you increase your lung health?
  • Quit- Enroll in smoking cessation courses to give yourself the best odds of squashing the smoke!
  • Track- Grab a wearable device to bring awareness to your walking. Challenge your body and lungs to get 10,000 steps per day.
  • Chow- Try creating meals packed with lung-repairing foods like Omega-3s and antioxidants.
  • Train- Get exercising to boost your cardiovascular activity. Try a light jog, biking, yoga, or swimming to bring attention to your breathing patterns.







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