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Employee Health Spotlight: Andrew Hegyi

By Giovanna Corridoni
GlobalFit interviewed employees of all ages and identities to learn about how they live our mission of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the office. Here’s what they had to say.



GF: Thanks for volunteering your time today. Can you please introduce yourself and your role at GlobalFit?

A: Andrew Hegyi, Customer Support Manager

GF: Hi Andrew! What does a “healthy lifestyle” mean to you?

A: Healthy Lifestyle means that I am working to become a better version of myself each day by following a healthy regiment in all aspects of life.

GF: When did you begin focusing on a healthy lifestyle and why?

A: In 2018 my wife was pregnant with our first child. She developed gestational diabetes. Due to that she had to be on a strict diet with zero sugars and low carbs. To support her, I stuck to the same diet she did, and ended up losing 62 pounds in a 6 month period. Noticing how much more energy I had, and how much weight I lost, I decided to make a permanent change to my lifestyle and eating habits.

GF: How do you stay physically active?

A: I walk around our neighborhood daily, do push-ups and dumbbell exercises.

GF: How do you practice mindfulness or mental “fitness?”

A: I started meditating each morning before my day starts, and it seems to help with stress levels throughout the day.

GF: Does your wellness routine include a certain way of eating? If so, can you describe it?

A: Yes. I try to stick to a low-carb, zero-sugar diet.

GF: How do you make time for your wellness routine amidst work, family, and other responsibilities?

A: I try to get up earlier than the rest of the family each day to meditate and get a nice workout in.

GF: In regards to your wellness routine, what have you tried before that didn't work for you, and why not?

A: I used to workout in the evenings, and it just wasn't working out. I had very low energy at that point in the day, and was just not motivated. Switching to a morning routine really helped. It is tough to get up early some days to workout, but I have noticed I have much more energy throughout the day and lower stress levels.

GF: What does it take for you to be consistent in your wellness routine?

A: Discipline and accountability. Pushing through the days where you feel like you do not have the energy.

GF: What are your top tips for someone looking to live a more healthy lifestyle?

A: Find the best routine that works for you. What works for someone else may not work for you. Always keep yourself accountable.

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