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Employee Health Spotlight: Kamran Ahmad

By Jordi Wallen
GlobalFit interviewed employees of all ages and identities to learn about how they live our mission of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the office. Here’s what they had to say.



GF: Thanks for volunteering your time today. Can you please introduce yourself and your role at GlobalFit?

K: Kamran Ahmad, Registered Dietitian for CHARGE. 

GF: Hi Kamran! What does a “healthy lifestyle” mean to you?

K: To me, a healthy lifestyle means being attentive and attuned to your physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs, and tending to them as best you can and as a lifelong practice.

GF: When did you begin focusing on a healthy lifestyle and why?

K: I began living a healthier lifestyle in high school. I was fairly sedentary, had low self confidence, and my digestive health was really poor. I decided I wanted things to change, so I began learning some basic nutrition principles, working out a few times a week, and over the course of months things started to improve dramatically.

GF: How do you stay physically active?

K: I lift weights 3 to 4 times per week. This has always been my favorite outlet for exercise- it's been 10 years since I started and it still hasn't gotten boring! I also walk my dog most days, once in a while go on a hike, and practice yoga here and there in the comfort of my living room.

GF: How do you practice mindfulness or mental “fitness?”

K: I try to be aware of what is going on within me and around me, and I try to practice that awareness from a place of curiosity and non judgement. This has helped me in pretty amazing ways. For example I have realized moments when I need to take more rest and avoided burnout, moments when I could be pushing myself harder, when to speak up vs. when to sit back and listen, and so much more!

GF: Does your wellness routine include a certain way of eating? If so, can you describe it?

K: I try my best to practice what I preach to my clients. First and foremost, removing judgement and moral labels like "good" and "bad" from foods. Food is food, and these labels hurt our relationship with food and with ourselves by encouraging shame. I have had much less preoccupation and anxiety around foods and eating situations once I let that outlook sink in. Aside from that, I strive to have veggies with most meals, a couple of servings of fruit every day, and most of my meals and snacks contain a balance of carbs + fat + protein + fiber. I like these guidelines because they are simple, flexible and help me feel good!

GF: How do you make time for your wellness routine amidst work, family, and other responsibilities?

K: It's not easy! I have to make it a big enough priority that it doesn't fall by the way side. I schedule in my calendar time to exercise, time to grocery shop and cook, and get to bed around a certain time. These things MUST come before what I deem to be "lower priority," such as playing video games, checking social media, and at times even hanging with friends. One day I sat down and personally ranked my priorities from highest to lowest, which helped me sort everything out. Sometimes my wellness routine does take a backseat to procrastination, a lower priority thing like watching TV, poor time management, or maybe just happenstance, but most of the time it is prioritized well. I try to accept that when it happens and move on.

GF: In regards to your wellness routine, what have you tried before that didn't work for you, and why not?

K: I have tried working out early in the morning before work, and that didn't work for me. My body and mind don't feel fully "on" usually until the late morning, so I really prefer working out in the later part of the day.

GF: What does it take for you to be consistent in your wellness routine?

K: Being willing to test different strategies and find what works for me and what doesn't, practicing self forgiveness, finding a balance between flexibility and rigidness in my routine, having forms of accountability that I respond well to, and reminding myself why I make time for my wellness routine when I'm not in the mood to stick to it (i.e going to the gym on a day I want to binge on Netflix)

GF: What are your top three tips for someone looking to live a more healthy lifestyle?

K: 1. Identify what you want your life to look in terms of health and wellness 2. Through trial and error, find the habits that will bring you towards that vision 3. Value consistency over the latest trend or fad, and get consistent with one goal at a time before working on the next thing- this is not a race!

GF: Anything else you want to mention?

K: Living and feeling healthy is for everyone!

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