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Leadership Health Spotlight: Diana Liberto

By Jordi Wallen
GlobalFit interviewed employees of all ages and identities to learn about how they live our mission of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the office. Here’s what they had to say.



GF: Thanks for volunteering your time today. Can you please introduce yourself and your role at GlobalFit?

D: Diana Liberto, CEO and President WalkMyMind.

GF: Hi Diana! What does a “healthy lifestyle” mean to you?

D: For me, a healthy lifestyle equals being outdoors -- walking, playing tennis, watching the sunrise.

GF: When did you begin focusing on a healthy lifestyle and why?

D: My healthy lifestyle journey has ebbed and flowed. I grew up on a farm eating well and working hard. After law school, I began working in an office environment and found it more difficult to keep myself going. Eventually I founded WalkMyMind, which enables employees to get up and walk outside while still being able to connect to company-sponsored content. Goodbye desk!

GF: How do you stay physically active?

D: I recently started playing tennis. It's great to pick up a new skill at any age and playing tennis has definitely brightened my life. I also love to walk, especially with my pup!

GF: How do you practice mindfulness or mental “fitness?”

D: When I walk, I find that my mind feels "lighter" .... there's something about being outside that naturally evokes "mindfulness." I have solved a lot of problems, pulled myself out of deep sadness, and came up with an idea for a company, all while walking.

GF: Does your wellness routine include a certain way of eating? If so, can you describe it?

D: I try to avoid meat, dairy and eggs but will splurge once or twice a month. I love "pulses" such as lentils and constantly look for new lentil and bean recipes. I also love a good apple and am almost religious about my "apple a day ...."

GF: How do you make time for your wellness routine amidst work, family, and other responsibilities?

D: Among the responsibilities inherent in having a dog are getting outside and walking. It's an incredible benefit for both me and my pup. I also sign up for early tennis clinics, lessons etc., on the weekends while most of my friends and family are still sleeping!

GF: In regards to your wellness routine, what have you tried before that didn't work for you, and why not?

D: I have tried and failed many things, many times. I almost killed myself mountain biking; got left behind the pack road cycling; did a 360 trying to learn how to sail; got carried away by a horse trying to learn to ride; have zero flexibility which makes most Pilates, yoga and other such classes absolutely NO fun; I'm the slowest person in the spin class (making that NO fun also); and never played a team sport until recently taking up tennis. Clearly I am the poster child for "every sport isn't for everyone."

GF: What does it take for you to be consistent in your wellness routine?

D: Keeping my spirits up. If my mood flags, so does my wellness routine.

GF: What are your top tips for someone looking to live a more healthy lifestyle?

D: Number 1 is to go outside and start walking. It literally will be the easiest and most beneficial first step you can take. You'll feel better every day and want that feeling more and more. 2. Try to modify what you eat in small, incremental ways. Make it easy on yourself. 3. If possible, and you don't already have one, get a dog. Not only will the dog keep you active, the dog's friendship and companionship will keep you happy. You will love and be loved continually and what's better than that?

GF: Anything else you'd like us to know?

D: I don't want to forget to mention the importance of sleep. It's vital. I look forward to it every day!


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